Air Filters delivered to your door on your schedule.

How It Works


Each delivery contains the exact number of filters your home needs, in all the right sizes.


Simple online ordering give you peace of mind.


Each delivery acts as a physical reminder that it’s time to change your filters. Plus, FREE shipping.


No long-term commitment. Pause, modify or cancel your subscription anytime to fit your needs.


Regularly replace your air filters to take unnecessary stress out of your life.


Use less energy

Save on costly repairs

Cleaner air in your home

Filters delivered to you


Reduced carbon footprint

Extra money in your pocket

Healthy living for you and your family

Extra time for moments to refresh

Permanently mark filters off your to-do list. Your healthy home, happy life is just a few clicks away.

Quality Comes First

Affordable, highquality air filters that meet everyone’s needs. Whether you have allergies or need an odd size, our fully customizable subscription service makes air filters surprisingly simple.


Poor air quality has a significant impact on the comfort of your home and overall health.

Two guys who had an idea and made it come to life.

People Love FilterEasy!

Love it!
We love the convenience of filter easy. We never need to worry when the last time we changed the filter and the box makes it easy to dispose of the old filter.
John S.

Easy and Easy
Always easy to update credit card information if necessary and re-instate Auto Order.
Carl G.

Keeps us on schedule
The service is great! Every time a shipment comes we know it's time to change them. We don't have to remember and then go searching for the sizes for our house. It's so convenient!
Lillian W.

Great Service
The service is great. Don't have to remember to pick up filters every few months. The only problem encountered has been crushed corners on the filters when the box has been damaged in shipping.
Theresa R.

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