FilterEasy Affiliate Program

Help us show people a smarter way to change air filters

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As a FilterEasy Affiliate, you’ll receive the following perks:

  • Earn cash by giving something away for FREE
  • Extended 30-day cookie window
  • Variety of updated banners
  • Special bonus opportunities
  • Dedicated management team
  • Leapfrog technology assures you get credit for your hard earned sales!

Bloggers & Social Gurus

Our ideal affiliate partners are top influencers in their fields. If you’ve mastered social and content marketing we invite you to help us spread the word about our subscription service!

Home Service Providers

If you provide services to homeowners, this is a great way to increase your monthly revenue without taking on more clients! Consider FilterEasy an add-on to your service. You point them to us and we’ll take care of all the work!

Earn up to $20 per Subscription!

We appreciate the work that our affiliates do for us to help spread the word and we reward that handsomely!

How FilterEasy Works

Select Your Filters

Select your exact filter sizes and preferred filter quality.

Automatic Shipments

Schedule your filters to arrive every 1, 2, or 3 months.

Physical Reminder

Your fresh filters will arrive when it’s time to change them.

You’ll Love The Benefits

Reduce Energy Bill

Decrease your heating and cooling cost by 5-15%  – EPA

Save Money

Prevent costly repairs to your heating & cooling system

Breathe Cleaner Air

Improve your home’s air quality by removing harmful toxins

People Love FilterEasy!

Love it!
We love the convenience of filter easy. We never need to worry when the last time we changed the filter and the box makes it easy to dispose of the old filter.
John S.

Easy and Easy
Always easy to update credit card information if necessary and re-instate Auto Order.
Carl G.

Keeps us on schedule
The service is great! Every time a shipment comes we know it's time to change them. We don't have to remember and then go searching for the sizes for our house. It's so convenient!
Lillian W.

Great Service
The service is great. Don't have to remember to pick up filters every few months. The only problem encountered has been crushed corners on the filters when the box has been damaged in shipping.
Theresa R.

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