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Smart Thermostats – Knowing what your customers need before they do


The rapid adoption of smart thermostat technologies may have you wondering how you can continue to anticipate customers’ needs.

Sometimes it’s the little things that can deliver the biggest impact. Automating the filter change out process is the perfect example. Using FilterEasy’s smart filter solution, your smart thermostat could simply determine filter change out times, then order the homeowner’s exact filters, which will be delivered on the day they need to be changed.

Other Smart Home Devices – Another way to raise your customers’ Home IQ

The popularity of smart home technologies has resulted in an evermore crowded marketplace. So, how do you achieve product differentiation? Let’s start by shortening your customer’s To-Do list.

By integrating with FilterEasy, you can automate the air filter change out process, AND create a new convenience feature. The result? You will have a unique product offering that completes your customers’ smart home experience.


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