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The two guys who started it all


Launched in 2014 by co-founders Thad Tarkington and Kevin Barry, FilterEasy, a home air filter subscription service, has developed into one of the fastest growing startups in Raleigh, North Carolina. Their growth has played a key part in putting the southeast’s booming startup hub on the map. Responding to overwhelming confidence in the company’s future, investors have invested $6.9 million in their Series B round, with FilterEasy raising $11.4 million in total funding. 

Co-founders Thad Tarkington and Kevin Barry saw a market opportunity after personally experiencing some headaches with their own HVAC air filters. Air in the home can be up to five times dirtier than the air outdoors, so regular filter changes are essential to healthy living, and vital to those suffering from allergies or asthma. Tarkington and Barry discovered that the majority of homeowners were simply not changing their air filters often enough, as this particular home maintenance item is out-of-sight, out-of-mind. 

Changing filters on a regular schedule, when they need to be changed, can extend the life of a home’s HVAC system and reduce HVAC maintenance costs. Regularly changing a home’s air filters can even reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 15% per month, cutting down on energy bills and minimizing environmental impact. FilterEasy began offering high-quality filters in every size, delivered right to customers’ doors, when it’s time to change them. This convenient service allows people to change their filters on time, every time, without all the hassles. 

FilterEasy offers a variety of residential air filters manufactured by carefully vetted USA-based partners who have been producing high quality products for consumers for years. FilterEasy’s fulfillment centers are located in Wilson, NC, and Ardmore, OK, and provide shipments to customers all over the contiguous United States. The distribution system is continuously optimized to reduce waste, enhance overall efficiencies, and improve the speed of delivery to customers. 

Founded in Raleigh, NC, FilterEasy has grown exponentially. A team that was originally two, quickly progressed to what is now Marketing, Technology, Operations, Sales, and Member Experience departments spread across four locations.


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Logo Usage and Guidelines

The FilterEasy logo has been designed to be an inviting, bright, and bold logo, conveying both authority and friendliness. It is to be displayed in it’s royal blue color in all cases of a light background. In the case of photos or brand-specific colors as the background, the logo will be displayed in white to allow it to pop.


  • The FilterEasy logo is inviting, bright, and bold.
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