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Property Management – Teaming up with your Tenants

Protecting one of the most expensive assets in your property – the HVAC unit – requires help from tenants. FilterEasy’s branded delivery service ensures that your tenants change their air filters on time.

By delivering the exact size and quantity of filters required to the resident’s front door, we help you ensure:

The filters are changed on the day they need to be changed

The tenants know they come from you, as they include a personalized message with your branding.

They are changed properly, due to the inclusion of instructions on how to change air filters.

Every filter even includes an expiration date, so you can ensure that your tenants do their part!

Realtor – Serving your customers beyond the sale

So, you made your customers very happy. You helped them find their dream home and start a new and happy life in it. But, what happens after the sale? Will they remember you? Refer you to their friends? Or think of you next time they are shopping the real estate market?

FilterEasy offers you a great closing gift option. Put your branding in front of all new buyers and sellers 4, 6 or even 12 times a year, all while helping them protect their biggest investment.


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